Course image Welcome to Recruitment HIIT
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Welcome to your Recruitment HIIT. Just like when you join a gym, you'll need to be shown around or you risk not getting value (and pulling some muscles!)

Our goal is to help you improve speed, pipeline, and happiness.

Watch the HIIT video then cooldown.

Let's go!

Course image Recruiter Circuits - Recruitment Training
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Recruitment is a sector that needs serious skill, speed, and fitness. Recruiter circuits will help!

Circuit training is a combination of six+ exercises with short rest periods between. A bit like recruitment!

Let's help you manage your desk, save time, improve speed, and be effective.

Course image Bullhorn1st - Monetise Your CRM
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How can Bullhorn help you generate more fees, commission, and profit?

As well as a better work-life balance?

This training will help you ensure that Bullhorn is your first system for sourcing, nurturing and placing, as well as reducing your reliance on other systems. We call this "Bullhorn1st".

Course image Bullhorn Analytics - Measure, Action, Pipeline
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Great recruiters are speedy, but into the detail.

They are aware of their pipeline and are agile enough to predict and react to market forces, and candidate and client agendas.

Bullhorn Analytics will help you to easily understand your previous performance, whilst also giving you genuine business opportunities to add serious turbo to your pipeline.

Be sure to complete your Bullhorn Course - the way you log your activity will directly impact on your analytics.

Good luck with your Analytics training.

Course image LinkedIn and Social Media - Attract, Source, Sell!
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How can you use inbound Sales in your recruitment and sales workflows?​ Let's help you attract, engage, convert, and retain your ideal 3Cs - candidates, clients, and colleagues. Warm calls are KING - let's use inbound to help you get back on the phone! 

Use this training to generate serious ROI from LinkedIn, whilst also using platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Glassdoor, to drive your inbound sales strategy - without spending all day online.

Course image Know Your Numbers, Work Your Data
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Your data is one of your most important assets. 

Data coupled with your time, your process, and your wit, can make for a super slick and profitable recruitment process. But often, recruiters slip into the role of recruitment administrator, and their data drags them down. 

Meet Tracey O’Neill, from The Data Consultant.  She chats with Lisa about how you can: 

  1. Work your data. 

  1. Control your process. 

  1. And be a profitable Recruitment Consultant and Leader. 

Course image Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish) - Add Turbo!
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Recruiters need clean data, speedy sourcing, candidate management, effective workflows, smart marketing, aftercare to manage accounts, reconversions, sales, happiness - oh! and a time machine!

Or maybe you simply need recruitment automation?

These HIIT, alongside the live sessions you'll have with the Barclay Jones team, will help you implement Bullhorn Automation.
Course image Microsoft Teams - Chat, Meet, Screen, Sell
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You want to be more productive.  You want to improve your 3Cs (candidates, clients, colleagues) experience.  Microsoft Teams has some fantastic features to help with with many areas of your recruitment and business workflows.

What are our best tips for using Microsoft Teams to help you? It's more than simply a video tool.
Course image Calendly - Automate Your Diary
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Getting candidates and clients on the phone, or meeting them face to face or via video, is a key part of your role.  You need a strong automated inbound sales process.   

Calendly says it can save you up to 4 hours a week whilst also increasing your ideal meetings bookings - not bad!  Let's show you how to fill your diary with the right appointments, and make sure that your 3Cs attend.

Course image Sales Training - Everybody Sells
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Our sales tips are not just for recruiters. They're for resourcers and marketers too. (And parents?  You need the BEST sales skills)

Whether you need to sell a candidate to a client, a job to a candidate, or a get buy-in from stakeholders, you need to be good at "selling".

Try our tips.  Inject into your process to help you improve 3Cs (candidate, client, colleague) buy-in, speed, and pipeline.

Course image Improve Your Performance
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If you are not performing as well as you need, it's often hard to see where, when, and how you can improve.

Are your phone calls working? Can video give you the edge? Where in your workflow could you focus to "turbo boost" it?

Use this workout to take a moment and understand where you need to focus to drive improvement.

Course image SourceBreaker - Automated Sourcing and Sales
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SourceBreaker is a fantastic automation tool to help you improve speed, pipeline, and work-life balance.

It can help you nail many crucial Recruitment and Sales tasks – its not simply a candidate sourcing tool!

Use this training to automate your sourcing and sales tasks. Increase your competitiveness, speed and pipeline.

Course image Daxtra - Search and Match
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Recruiters spend a lot of time (80%!) on the wrong tasks, speaking to the wrong people, perhaps drowning in dirty data, and thinking that this is normal.

But it’s not right, profitable or sustainable. Daxtra has a great suite of products to help you generate more time, and deliver your sales and recruitment targets with ease.

Course image Broadbean - Get Your Jobs Placed
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Broadbean will help you advertise your jobs, source without advertising, and manage your responses with ease.
Course image idibu - Turbo Your Job Ads, Applications, and Sourcing
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The best candidates are off the market in 10 days, so you need to be speedy and thorough with your job adverts.

This idibu training will help you advertise your jobs quicker, manage your applications, source more  effectively, and be strategic with your time and advertising channels. Super-speedy!

Course image Paiger - Sales and Marketing Automation
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Now more than ever, you need to attract, engage, convert, and retain your 3Cs - candidates, clients, colleagues.

Paiger is a fantastic tool for helping recruiters and marketers save time, work smart, and bill more.

Use this training to unleash the power of people on social media. Increase website leads through content amplification and social selling.

Course image Hinterview and Hintro - Video Engagement, Improved Pipelines
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  • Who needs their headhunting to improve by 400-500%?
  • Who needs the right candidates to apply for their jobs (not just the random ones?)
  • Who needs to turbo-boost their interview process? Improve time to hire, engagement, service levels, experience?
  • Who needs to add some serious turbo to their sales?

This is what Hinterview and Hintro are all about!

Hintro and Hinterview are fantastic tools for attracting, engaging, converting, and retaining your ideal candidates and clients.